Testimonial: Stacey Weber

I would HIGHLY recommend Julie to any expecting mom interested in having a doula.  I’m a very health conscious individual leaning on the non western medicine side of the spectrum. It was so refreshing to have Julie present me with ALL the options and info and help me implement a birth plan….even if my plan was not to have a plan!

I was pregnant with my first baby and feeling overwhelmed with the newness of everything related to pregnancy and birth.  Julie was a god send!  She educated me on all the birthing options including hypnobirthing.  She eased my mind and had my back (literally) through the entire pregnancy and birth.  Speaking of having my back, Julie’s weekly prenatal massages were the absolute highlight of my pregnancy regimen.

Julie started as my doula but quickly became a friend.  I trust and respect her and felt 100% comfortable sharing my most intimate and life changing moments with her.

Baby Jack was born into a calm and loving environment and I am so grateful to Julie for all her love, kindness, massages, pictures, aromatherapy and most of all support! -Stacey Weber

Posted 5/22/2017