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Serving as a doula is a passion that fulfills Jules the Doula’s spirit. Helping women in the midst of bringing miracles into our world is very gratifying to her.

She recognizes childbirth as a key life experience for a woman and considers it a blessing to be a part of this passage. As a doula, she embraces each woman’s personal dream birth and supports her before, during, and after with the emotional and physical assistance needed. Jules the Doula would love to meet you and help guide you through this journey.

Virtual Doula Services

If the idea of birth doula support appeals to you, but you are concerned and dealing with issues of COVID-19 in your local hospitals, the pricing is out of reach, or there aren’t any doulas in your area, Jules the Doula can help.

She is offering discounted rates for her virtual doula services at $500 and 10% will go to those fighting COVID-19 on the front lines.

Virtual Package Includes:

1. Virtual Meet and Greet Call- Complimentary

2. Unlimited access to me via text/phone/email

3. 90-minute session to discuss the vision you have for your birth and develop a birth plan. Discuss your options and review questions for Pediatricians.

4. 90-minute session of breathing techniques and Q/As

5. 60-minute session of Relaxation/Hypnotherapy

6. Guidance into Triage and 24/7 support in Labor Delivery via phone call or FaceTime.

7. One postpartum virtual call within 2 weeks of birth.

A La Carte Virtual Sessions- $50

1. Lactation class/ 90 minutes

2. Your choice of phone/video Q/A call, or Hypnotherapy session/60 minutes

Thank you for visiting my website and I hope you decide to contact me


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