Doula Services – Jules offers Birth and Postpartum services for Mommies virtually and in person.

Treasured Images – Photography is offered to capture these precious moments.

Massage Services – Jules is a licensed massage therapist who offers pre-natal, induction, and other massage services to her clients… an added benefit during labor.

Placenta Encapsulation – Jules offers this service to all of her clients as well as other Mommies to be. Placenta Encapsulation is becoming widely accepted as modern moms become more educated on this healthy and beneficial process of the birthing experience.

Yoga Nidra – Amazing for pregnant moms to find their inner still point. A valuable technique for preparing pregnant women for birth. Doing this inner work allows moms to let go of any fear and find peace with their powerful birth intentions. This is also an excellent practice for Postpartum Mommies because it restores hormones back into Mom during the deep state of sleep, increasing Serotonin levels in the brain which helps restore mood and memory. As exhausted, stressed-out new mothers, we tax our sympathetic nervous system, which is responsible for the “fight or flight” mechanism and the release of stress hormones.