What is HypnoBirthing®?

HypnoBirthing®, The Mongan Method, is considered the “Gold Standard” of birthing with hypnosis. It is a childbirth education method that empowers women to achieve more gentle, natural births. It is both a philosophy and a set of tools for using self-hypnosis techniques and scripts to achieve a focused awareness and level of relaxation that allows for a much more comfortable, easy birth. With HypnoBirthing® you will not be in a trance or sleep state. You will be aware and fully in control, but profoundly relaxed.

The course offers the following benefits:

  • Empowers parents with techniques to achieve a gentle, calm birth

  • Teaches deep levels of relaxation to eliminate the fear that causes tension and pain

  • Greatly reduces and often eliminates the need for chemical painkillers and drugs

  • Helps keep oxygen supplied to baby during birthing

  • Reduces and often eliminates fatigue during labor, leaving the mother alert, fresh, and with energy to bond with her baby following the birth

  • Gives the birthing companion an integral role in the birthing

  • Embraces the concept of pre-birth parenting

  • Teaches breathing techniques that allow a woman to gently breathe her baby into the world without the violence of hard, physical pushing

Jules’ HypnoBirthing® course is taught in five classes. Pregnant women attend the classes with the support person of their choice: husband, life partner, other family member, doula, labor companion, etc. Jules uses exciting and fun methods to engage with you and your partner in the lessons and techniques. Class schedules, cost, and course materials are listed below.


  • In-Person Class Time

  • Textbook (which includes an audio CD featuring relaxation and birth rehearsal imagery tracks)

  • Handouts

  • Rainbow Relaxation CD (to practice with at home)

Classes available virtually! Contact Jules for more information. 

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