Our wonderful mamas are the reason we’re in business. Here are some of the great things they’ve said about us.

I used Julie for my placenta encapsulation and have no regrets with this decision.  In fact, I think it was one of the smartest decisions I made with regards to my birth plan!  I notice the pills help even my mood; there have been many times where I get the postpartum blues, and when I take the placenta pills, I notice within an hour, that feeling has been lifted – they are incredible.  I feel like I sleep better when I take them as well, most likely because they seem to “balance” me out.  I still have my tincture that I will be saving for later.

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My husband and I absolutely loved Julie as our Doula! She was fantastic; I have to go over our entire experience with her.
First of all, let me start by saying that I was skeptical about needing a Doula or help with the birthing process from the start. I figured I would read up and prepare on my own which is how I like to do things. But when we met Julie she was so down to earth, and not pushy in any way in how I wanted to do things. She was super informative and asked questions I hadn’t even thought about.

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This was my third pregnancy and I finally decided to do placenta encapsulation after this birth. I used Julie for the placenta encapsulation service and she was wonderful. I spoke with her during my pregnancy and she was so sweet, positive and knowledgeable and was always a text or phone call away.  I had not previously done placenta encapsulation so I wasnt sure what to expect from the pills. I’m so glad I took them, I can completly tell a difference from my previous 2 births. They definitely helped my milk supply and lessened my bleeding. I feel they also helped with the after birth cramping, it was so minimal this time. I would reccomend them to everyone. Julie was very professional and did a great job with this service! Her pregnancy meditation is beautiful to listen to as well 🙂 -Kleins Kreations

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My husband and I were so incredibly thankful that we had Julie’s support throughout my pregnancy and delivery of our baby girl! This was my first pregnancy and was experiencing some anxiety with the changes occurring within my body and with the upcoming labor and delivery. Julie made herself available to help process my anxiety, educate me and my husband about the birth process and even facilitated a birth art class for us. Erin Guzinski

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In preparation for our second daughter’s birth we were excited to hire Julie to make this birth experience more intentional than our first. Julie was so hands on in the preparation process which really set her apart from how other doulas we interviewed work. In the weeks leading up to the birth we developed a very close trust and relationship that allowed for us to feel so comfortable having her in the birthing room. The hypnobirthing training that Julie introduced us to ended up being such a wonderful new tool that will enhance our lives outside of birthing prep.

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My experience with hiring Jules the doula…  when I first met Julie we immediately hit it off and I knew she would be the right fit for me  Let me tell you she did not disappoint! Hiring Julie as my doula and private hypnobirthing coach was the best thing I could’ve done.  I hired her when I was about 30 weeks pregnant and she met with my husband and I at our house once a week and would also check in to see how I was doing a couple times a week.

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I would HIGHLY recommend Julie to any expecting mom interested in having a doula.  I’m a very health conscious individual leaning on the non western medicine side of the spectrum. It was so refreshing to have Julie present me with ALL the options and info and help me implement a birth plan….even if my plan was not to have a plan!

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Julie Sullivan Fields (Jules the Doula), is amazing. I honestly can’t imagine what my labor and birth would have been without her. I wanted a natural birth and believed HypnoBirthing would be the best way to achieve it, and I was right**. My husband and I really connected with Jules. We started our classes at 35 or 36 weeks. Thankfully I delivered at 41 weeks so I had the time to go through all the lessons and really feel prepared.

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Using Julie as a doula was a fantastic experience. When labor progressed it was so beneficial to have someone else in the room 100% concentrated on our experience and not on the medical aspect of labor. As a massage therapist Julie really contributed to my relaxation and helped save energy for when labor really picked up…

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Being a first time Mom, I had a vision of how I wanted my labor and birth to go. I wasn’t sure if I wanted a doula and decided with a month until my due date that I did want one. Julie was recommended to me and luckily was able to accommodate me even though it was so last minute. Twenty days later and she was coaching me through…

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I would highly recommend Jules for any woman who is getting ready to have a baby. This is a woman like no other, so wonderful to talk to and she is truly invested in you and where you are coming from. Jules was very knowledge and gave us great suggestions for us to consider before the birth. We really felt confident and prepared because…

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Our experience with Julie was absolutely wonderful! If you are considering a doula, then look no more, she is it !!! I don’t think you will find a doula who will meet with you as frequently as Julie, and I loved the complimentary pre-natal massage, which was a wonderful gift during labor as well. 🙂 This was our first baby…

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After interviewing a few doulas, I decided Jules was definitely who we wanted to work with. From the moment we met her, we could feel her warmth and sincerity. I felt an immediate connection with her and felt confident after she discussed so many things that we should be aware of and start thinking about. Jules was always available to…

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I can’t say enough good things about Julie . The funny thing is that my husband couldn’t understand why I wanted to hire a doula. After our first meeting with Julie he was starting to see how this might be helpful. By the end of our birth, he was very emotional and said that he would never want to go through the labor and birth without Julie…

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My experience with Julie was amazing. To begin with she listened to all of my fears and expectations when it came to giving birth. She took those to heart and reassured me that my birth would be something that I would always treasure. On the day she was in constant contact with me and was ready to go when it was time to start the hospital experience. She worked tirelessly…

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I am so thankful that I decided to opt for placenta encapsulation. Before my little one was born I talked to my midwives, my doctor, my pediatrician, and my new-mom friends, all of whom had very positive feedback about the process. Now that I’ve done it I truly believe that it made all the difference in my post-partum mental state and energy level…

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I was privileged to experience first-hand Julie Sullivan Field’s Yoga Nidra on my recent visit to Sedona. Being born and raised in India and having learnt yoga from some of the best teachers for many years, yoga nidra is not new to me. I can say with absolute certainty that Julie’s Yoga Nidra practice is one of the best I have ever experienced. Julie’s soft, soothing and compassionate voice…

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Julie’s yoga nidra has become a daily source of peace, insight, and surprise. In this meditation, the slow deepening of the relaxation process extends from the physical body into the energetic body, at once grounding me and loosening me into an ethereal sense of inner and outer expansion. Stillness being the catalyst, her evocative guided visualizations allow for images, feelings, and energies to surface…

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Julie was awesome !!! We had a quick labor and delivery and Julie was amazing through the whole experience. She educated us before, supported me during and after delivery. I would highly recommend Julie to anyone who is getting ready to have a baby. There is so much to consider and you are in great hands with this one.