Testimonial: Sharita Thompson

Julie Sullivan Fields (Jules the Doula), is amazing. I honestly can’t imagine what my labor and birth would have been without her. I wanted a natural birth and believed HypnoBirthing would be the best way to achieve it, and I was right**. My husband and I really connected with Jules. We started our classes at 35 or 36 weeks. Thankfully I delivered at 41 weeks so I had the time to go through all the lessons and really feel prepared.

And like Jules, my HypnoBirthing experience was amazing! My due date passed and I had to get induced. Although I told Jules not to come right away, she instinctivelyknew better and came right away and  2 hours later I started having surges. It was during this time my midwife was considering a c-section as my blood pressure was extremely high. It was being checked about every fifteen minutes. With the help of Jules, I was able to lower my blood pressure with the HypnoBirthing techniques I learned, and listened to her yoga nidras* and positive affirmations she provided. (*She is a yoga nidra facilitator.) We turned off the lights in the room ti make it peaceful.

**When I learned about HypnoBirthing, it was really something I wanted to try. I wanted a natural birth, and didn’t have the tools or knowledge to achieve that on my own. I already practiced visualization so wasn’t very difficult for me to get into the assigned readings or try out the relaxation techniques. With Jules’s encouragement my hubby would participate with me or we did it individually as well. We met with Jules on Saturdays for about 2 hours until I delivered. Towards the end, again with Jules’s encouragement, my husband recorded himself reading the agreed upon affirmations. Although, I didn’t listen to these at the hospital what we especially liked about HypnoBirthing is that we learned that our birthing journey was about our family – all 3 of us. We really connected during our sessions. It truly was a beautiful experience. – Sharita Thompson

Posted 6/7/2017