Testimonial: Erin Guzinski

My husband and I were so incredibly thankful that we had Julie’s support throughout my pregnancy and delivery of our baby girl! This was my first pregnancy and was experiencing some anxiety with the changes occurring within my body and with the upcoming labor and delivery. Julie made herself available to help process my anxiety, educate me and my husband about the birth process and even facilitated a birth art class for us. Julie had such a positive and calming energy and that was incredibly helpful for me as I continued to prepare myself for the birth. On the morning my contractions began, I was able to text Julie and she helped coach me on what to do and after a few short hours of laboring at home, Julie met us at the hospital. Julie was instrumental in keeping the mood calm and coached my husband and mother on the best ways to support me during my painful contractions. Julie was very supportive of my birth plan and understood that my goal was to have a natural delivery. With Julie’s help, I was able to have a natural birth…something I wasn’t sure I could actually do! I sincerely attribute much of my success to Julie, as she helped build my confidence and provided the love and support I needed to get me through the labor! Julie also captured some truly beautiful moments as we welcomed our daughter into the world and I couldn’t be more thankful for everything she did for us. I would highly recommend encapsulating your placenta with her as well. I was able to help my body recover quicker with the aid of these pills. Thank you Julie…we love you!! -Erin Guzinski

Posted 2/6/2017