Testimonial: Lisa Towne

I am so thankful that I decided to opt for placenta encapsulation. Before my little one was born I talked to my midwives, my doctor, my pediatrician, and my new-mom friends, all of whom had very positive feedback about the process. Now that I’ve done it I truly believe that it made all the difference in my post-partum mental state and energy level. Despite the normal lack of sleep and fluctuating hormones that come with having a newborn I was able to thoroughly enjoy this special once-in-a-lifetime period of bonding, feeding, and snuggles.
Interestingly, my body let me know when I was ready to reduce dosage. When I tried it before I was ready I ended up with a bit of blues and lacked the energy and motivation that I had previously. Similarly when I ran out of the capsules I stumbled a bit, unfortunately just as I was due back at work. Thanks to helpful instructions from Julie and strong encouragement from my doctor I started taking the placenta tincture. I now feel even more positive and have more drive than previously. I’m finally tackling my To Do list and it feels great!
Julie has been wonderful to work with. She was there for us even though we were late lining up all of the post-partum care and contacted her only a couple of weeks before my due date. What a lifesaver! She returned with the capsules and tincture kit less than 48 hrs after collecting the placenta from the hospital. She has shown infinite patience with my repeated questions and been so helpful walking me through the tincture finalization process. Julie is such a positive person with great energy. She was the first person, outside of hospital personnel, who we trusted to hold our new baby which is the best compliment we can give.
Thank you Jules the Doula!

<3 — Lisa Towne

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