Testimonial: Jen and Dave

I would highly recommend Jules for any woman who is getting ready to have a baby. This is a woman like no other, so wonderful to talk to and she is truly invested in you and where you are coming from. Jules was very knowledge and gave us great suggestions for us to consider before the birth. We really felt confident and prepared because of the time she put into us before we even got to the birth. While I was in labor, having a professional that knew what was going on the whole time and helped me and my husband make decisions was so worth it. Jules kept me calm and centered throughout my labor and was so in tune with me, she knew when we needed to switch things up and this just kept me going. She was a total asset to my husband because he was a first time dad and didn’t know how to help me through the labor like Jules did. She massaged me and showed my husband induction points that would help me along, a huge benefit having a doula who is a massage therapist. My husband has told everyone that they better hire Jules if they want a happy wife and mama.

– Jen and Dave 2016

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