Testimonial: Alexis L

My experience with hiring Jules the doula…  when I first met Julie we immediately hit it off and I knew she would be the right fit for me  Let me tell you she did not disappoint! Hiring Julie as my doula and private hypnobirthing coach was the best thing I could’ve done.  I hired her when I was about 30 weeks pregnant and she met with my husband and I at our house once a week and would also check in to see how I was doing a couple times a week. She taught me how to breathe and provided me with the best tools and resources to prepare for the natural birth of my first child. She also took care of having my placenta encapsulated, taking photos and writing our birth story.  I truly believe having a doula made my birth experience easier and more pleasant than it would’ve been had I not hired Jules the doula.  She is so reliable and always lifted my mood. -Alexis L

Posted 5/17/2017