Testimonial: Melissa Fellows

Julie’s yoga nidra has become a daily source of peace, insight, and surprise. In this meditation, the slow deepening of the relaxation process extends from the physical body into the energetic body, at once grounding me and loosening me into an ethereal sense of inner and outer expansion. Stillness being the catalyst, her evocative guided visualizations allow for images, feelings, and energies to surface without mental interference. The healing and release process works on a more intuitive level, thus no inhibiting arguments or analyses from the brain. I’ve experienced joy, playfulness, calm, beauty, and love; I’ve also experienced the conjuring and release of sadness, melancholy, and unconscious patterns & blockages that had negatively affected me for many years. Don’t underestimate the subtlety of this kind of meditation practice. If you stay with it, you’ll be amazed by the gentle yet profound transformation that occurs in you.

Thanks again for being such a warm, compassionate woman and healer. I’m so happy I found my way to you.

— Melissa Fellows 2016

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