Testimonial: Liana Suhadolnik

I used Julie for my placenta encapsulation and have no regrets with this decision.  In fact, I think it was one of the smartest decisions I made with regards to my birth plan!  I notice the pills help even my mood; there have been many times where I get the postpartum blues, and when I take the placenta pills, I notice within an hour, that feeling has been lifted – they are incredible.  I feel like I sleep better when I take them as well, most likely because they seem to “balance” me out.  I still have my tincture that I will be saving for later.

I highly recommend this service; I had my son at almost midnight on a Friday and my pills were ready for me by Monday.  Julie also made the umbilical cord into a heart, which was so special to me.  You only get one chance with this, so take advantage of her great services and choose encapsulation! -Liana Suhadolnik

Posted 10/30/2016