Testimonial: Jessica Downing Moreau

In preparation for our second daughter’s birth we were excited to hire Julie to make this birth experience more intentional than our first. Julie was so hands on in the preparation process which really set her apart from how other doulas we interviewed work. In the weeks leading up to the birth we developed a very close trust and relationship that allowed for us to feel so comfortable having her in the birthing room. The hypnobirthing training that Julie introduced us to ended up being such a wonderful new tool that will enhance our lives outside of birthing prep. We feel that our goal to have an unmedicated birth was possible because of the hypnobirthing training Julie provided us. I was able to labor peacefully for a very long labor and when things got more intense at the end, I believe the tools we learned combined with Julie’s amazing touch and guidance in the birthing room made it possible to accomplish our goal.
We also chose to do placenta encapsulation. Compared to postpartum days after our first born, I have felt so much more energy, less anxiety and a much quicker recovery. My milk also came in within hours of starting the pills which was days sooner than with my first.
Cannot say enough great things about Julie and any family that works with her will be blessed to have her in their birth story. -Jessica Downing Moreau

Posted 2/27/2017