Testimonial: Samantha Walker

My husband and I absolutely loved Julie as our Doula! She was fantastic; I have to go over our entire experience with her.
First of all, let me start by saying that I was skeptical about needing a Doula or help with the birthing process from the start. I figured I would read up and prepare on my own which is how I like to do things. But when we met Julie she was so down to earth, and not pushy in any way in how I wanted to do things. She was super informative and asked questions I hadn’t even thought about. During our sessions before the birth she helped us learn a method to birth and labor called Hypnobirthing. I really did not want an epidural during my labor so I loved learning ways to cope with labor pains such as certain breathing methods, music and other forms of natural relaxation. I cannot imagine the day of my son’s birth without Julie. I called her early on in my labor and she helped me decide when I should actually get to the hospital. We had perfect timing, as I wanted to labor mostly at home and only ended up laboring in the hospital for about 3 hours. The nurses all told me I was going to be laboring a long time because it was my first child, but Julie knew that wasn’t going to be the case. I’m so glad she was there to make sure the nurses kept checking on me! She knew I was ready to start pushing long before they thought I was ready and when they realized she was right they had to rush the doctor into the room! Without her there my husband and I wouldn’t have known the signs that it was coming on so quickly, Julie kept the peace and comfort throughout the labor for us! Not only was Julie incredibly helpful in preparing us for the birth, but the day of she went above and beyond. The birth itself went fast and easy, and she helped us communicate with the nurses through each step. She was so encouraging, peaceful and instructive; I would recommend her to anyone! -Samantha Walker

Posted 2/3/2017